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The Fathers

Many millennia ago in the rugged wilderness of what is now an eclectic mix of hipsters and the elderly – the community of Peterborough ON – a fortuitous series of unlikely coincidences led to the creation of a mythical beast of rock (and in many instances, roll).

This beautiful monstrosity of a creature was oft depicted in antediluvian scrolls as a four-headed anthropomorphic brute with a voracious appetite for pounding drumbeats, face melting lead guitar, slippery cool bass technique, simplistic yet uniquely inspired rhythm guitar, and soft (yet hard) back home folky vocals.

Initially dismissed by society – a result of its, at times, questionable mien and numinous ability to simultaneously articulate the rare blend of musical ideas in its heart, it led out a lonely life in the rolling drumlins of Armour and was all but forgotten.

But lo! In rife accord with Buddhist conviction and karmic justice, this once loathsome freak of nature with a heart of gold was reincarnated in the bodies of four ordinarily modest Peterborough boys and its marvelous concoction of musical interpretations can now be righteously expressed through the voice of the Fathers of Modern Rocketry.

Fathers of Modern Rocketry - Red Dog

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